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Digital Footprint Analysis

Is your website working for you?

Digital Footprint Analysis

Your digital footprint is your company's overall reach, experience, and impact online.
This footprint has a PROFOUND impact on how your brand is perceived, lead generation, and CX.


Why? Because your prospects will typically conduct online research before buying, and what they find in the process will shape...

  • Their expectations for solutions - benefits, cost, etc.
  • The language and search terms they'll use to find solutions
  • The assumptions they'll make about each provider's core capabilities


Two types of marketing activities create your digital footprint - active (PUSH/outbound) and passive (PULL/inbound).


Most of these activities are actively tracked through KPIs and the PESO model, with one significant exception: WEBSITE CONTENT ALLOCATIONS.


This is a serious blind spot for many companies.

Not only does it pose risk - it's a missed opportunity. Analyzing these allocations is a smart, cost-effective way of predicting your prospects' perceptions of your company, and your competitors.

What can content allocations tell you?

What will site visitors assume are your CORE CAPABILITIES?

Is content aligned with your MARKETING & SALES FUNNEL?

What PRODUCTS & SERVICES are given primary focus?


Sequent brings a specialized perspective and disciplined approach to your Digital Footprint Analysis.

We combine programmatic scripts and qualitative coding to measure how your company - and its competitors - are allocating online "real estate" - and how site visitors are likely to react to those allocations.

Our analysts are uniuely equipped to understand how your site visitors will interpret the information they read. This team includes seasoned qualitative researchers, a special education teacher with a background in literacy and reading comprehension, and a library paraprofessional with years of experience helping individuals of every age and background to get clarity on the often confusing information they encounter online.

The Sequent process includes a systematic assessment of each and every "Level 1" web page – the URLs that are accessed directly through the main website navigation. Key activities:

  • Identify major and minor content areas, assessing how many pages are devoted to the topics covered, products described, key messages, and other dimensions 
  • Catalog what information on each web page is relevant to each of your target segments, and determine what journey phase that information supports
  • Assess the overall makeup of each website, and what it conveys to your prospective customers; for example, is this company a “jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none”, or a focused expert in one area?

The findings across all of these activities, and more, are summarized in a detailed report which outlines recommendations to support your business objectives.

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